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Sweedie Kids Big Kid Bandana Bib

AZTEC NAVY - BIG KID BANDANA BIB 1400If you are looking for comfortable kids’ accessories with fun prints and bold colors look no further than at Sweedie Kids! Sweedie Kids was founded in August of 2012 by two entrepreneurial moms born in Sweden but now living in the US. They channeled their knack for creating and sewing, and a love for fashion and design to come up with fun, functional, and fashionable bibs, burp cloths, beanies, and headbands.Sweedie Kids’ Big Kid Bandana Bib

Sweedie Kids is all about comfort and color! Their products are all made with love in USA with the greatest quality fabrics. Parents will appreciate their excellent stitch work and customer service too!

This post will focus on Sweedie Kids’ Big Kid Bandana Bib because many older children with special needs still drool and these bibs look like part of an outfit that will allow your child to blend in. Their older clients include individuals with cerebral palsy or Rett syndrome. Your child will want to wear their Big Kid Bandana Bibs because of their comfort and smart look.

Big Kid Bandana Bib

Big Kid Bandana Bibs work great for children that are out of the baby stage but still have saliva control difficulties. They are functional yet stylish and add to the outfit rather than cover it up. It looks like an accessory rather than a bib. The clever design with the draping in the front makes sure to catch the drool and the super absorbent middle layer keeps clothes underneath dry for as long as 8 hours. The size is adjustable through two sets of snap buttons. The front fabric is a very soft jersey knit (many of them are organic) and the backing is sweatshirt fleece for extra absorption and additional softness. The bib comes in two sizes, 3-7 years and 7+ years, The 7+ years is big enough to fit adults due to the adjustable snap buttons.

Wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle. Please avoid the dryer!

On their great web site, read FAQ with answers to all your questions. Subscribe to their Newsletter to keep you informed.

Sweedie Kids thinks all children should have hats and bibs that match their colorful personalities and we recommend Sweedie Kids products! AZTEC NAVY - KNOTTED HEADBAND by Sweedie KidsAZTEC NAVY - BEANIE HAT by Sweedie Kids

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SentioCHEWS Chew Necklaces

The Canadian company, SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. that designed the original (2007) KidCompanions Chewelry lauched in November of 2013 their Tougher-than-Silicone SentioCHEWS chew necklaces. SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. always received requests from parents asking for a more durable chew necklace for aggressive chewers. Also parents and therapists wanted aKidCompanions Chewelry by SentioLife Solutions, Ltd, made in Canada and sold to the world. longer breakaway lanyard for older kids, and they hoped it would be less expensive than their two fused-part KidCompanions Chewelry pendants.

After 2 to 3 years of research and development, SentioLife Solutions found a FDA approved material that is Tougher-than-Silicone. Like their KidCompanions Chewelry, SentioCHEWS are manufactured in Canada and sourced in Canada and the United States. Available in four shapes in red or blue, these durable chew necklaces for aggressive chewers are being recommended by parents and occupational therapists.

Features of the SentioCHEWS: The Canadian company, SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. that designed the original (2007) KidCompanions Chewelry lauched in November of 2013 their Tougher-than-Silicone SentioCHEWS chew necklaces.

  • Retails for ONLY $9.95
  • Very cute, soft with rubbery texture
  • FDA compliant, BPA, latex and completely metal free
  • Economical, washable, and chewable 1-part shapes
  • More durable than generic silicone
  • CE marked
  • Cool and colorful 24 inch breakaway lanyards, made-in-USA tactical paracord

Learn more about SentioCHEWS or buy these awesome oral-motor tools:

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EZ Sox – Seamless Socks

EZ SOX is the world’s first training socks for kids and a helpful sock-aid for adults and kids with special needs! Eileen andEZ SOX is the world’s first training socks for kids and a helpful sock-aid for adults and kids with special needs! Ronnie Gesser are the innovative parents behind the idea. Ez Sox are kids socks that feature their patented loop technology, seamless toe and non skid grippers. They give little fingers a strong grip for pulling up their socks with ease each and every time.

Getting dress was never easier! When a toddler uses Ez Sox kids socks they learn the first step towards independence and gain the confidence they need to dress themselves. Designs come in cute animal or scary monster socks,  fashionable solids and prints, and in June of 2015 pretty princess socks.

Helping kids put their socks and undies on with ease each and every time. Our patented EZ technology builds confidence and teaches kids to dress themselvesNow their company has added the following products:

Ez Undeez are comfortable pull up training underwear for toddlers. Their Ez Undeez technology have embroidered oval handles in a super soft wide waist band that helps your child pull up his or her underwear easily and straight each and every time.

Ez Teez makes it “Oh So Easy”. Their Kids tees are made with a comfy neckband which is soft and stretchy making it easy to go over their heads.

EZ SOX’s mission is to encourage kids and help anyone struggling with this simple daily necessity, from a toddler or special needs person learning about self-sufficiency to a senior struggling to maintain their dignity.

Visit EZ SOX →

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Undercover Tape – Ditch The Itch

Ditch The Itch! is the tag line. Two moms, Michelle Isrow and Michele Naftal, from Calabasas, CA, came up with this neat and simple idea that helps relieve the scratchy blues from tags and seams. Undercover Tape is super soft and almost flannel-like. ItUndercover Tape is like a bandage for clothes. It covers seams, tags, sequins, as you could imagine...anything irritating. lasts quite a while and comes is random cool patterns. Just peel off the backing, and it adheres to any fabric. Smooth over itchy area of fabric and voilà, you Ditched The Itch!

Undercover Tape is like a bandage for clothes. It covers seams, tags, sequins, as you could imagine…anything irritating. How long will Undercover Tape last? Depending on the fabric, Undercover Tape could last anywhere from 1 wash/dry cycle up to 5 wash/dry cycles. It is a tape for fabric and will not leave a sticky residue and therefore can be put on delicate fabrics like costumes for recitals or plays.

Undercover tape is a hypoallergenic, latex-free self-adhesive tape that acts as a barrier between you and your irritating seams/tags on clothing, hats, socks, or anything that keeps you from feeling your best.

An allergic or uncomfortable reaction to seams and tags in clothes is quite common. This is why they made it their Mission to create comfort for all by ditching the itch!

Visit Undercover Tape →

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QuickSnap – For Shoe Laces

qucksnaps_kidsQuickSnap the simple, convenient, and easy way to put on shoes with laces without tying them! QuickSnap helps you get on with what’s important, living your life. We are 1 year and 2 months into our trial pair and STILL going! It’s a durable plastic clip made by a Canadian company that eliminates the need to ever tie up your shoelaces again.

QuickSnaps are adjustable so they fit any laced shoe, from running shoes to dress shoes. Once fastened, QuickSnap gives your shoes a consistent and comfortable tension so you don’t have to worry about your laces coming undone. It improves everyday life for anyone who wears laced shoes.shoe1

Just click and go! It’s that easy.

Juste clic et partir! Il est si facile. 

QuickSnap is unique, simple, versatile and offers several benefits, including:

  • Giving athletes a competitive edge
  • Saving time for busy parents
  • Assisting anyone with physical challenges
  • Helping caregivers in their support
  • Ensuring children play safe

Visit Quicksnap →

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The Eating Game™

The Eating Game™ was created to support people of all ages with a broad range of eating challenges.Are you supporting a person with eating challenges? The Eating Game™ provides a very visual, structured, hands on tool that can be a fun way to plan healthy meals every day! The user does not have to be verbal or to be able to read and write. It does require the skills of matching colors and making choices.

The Eating Game™ was created by Jean Nicol to support people of all ages with a broad range of eating challenges. Jean Nicol is very qualified as she has a B.Sc. in Nutrition and B.Ed. from St FX in Nova Scotia, and Special Education from Ottawa U in Ontario. The Eating Game™ is a resource filled with planning tools, food pictures and suggestions for use that support and encourage people in making optimal, healthy food choices.

We reviewed their digital edition of The Eating Game™ that parents can print, make and use! We like that. By spending a few more bucks for laminating pages and a few hours of work, you have a great resource to help individuals plan healthy snacks and meals. If you don’t mind the work, it could save you about $40.

Now The Eating Game™ is available in five formats:

1. The Eating Game is available in English and French.

2. The Eating Game: Digital Edition in English and French. You will be downloading 1 printable copy of The Eating Game

3. The MIY Eating Game Kit (Make It Yourself) (Eng & Fr) All materials needed are delivered in a box. You will have the same components that are presented in the original Eating Game except the latter is completely assembled in a 3 ring binder.The Eating Game™ provides a very visual, structured, hands on tool that can be a fun way to plan healthy meals every day!

4. Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planner – DIGITAL  – Downloadable, printable PDF (with instructions). It is the same charting as in The Eating Game, with larger boxes so that you can write in the food choices to do your planning. Laminated, it will create a dry erasable format so that it can be reused daily.

5. Eater’s Choice Daily Meal Planners

Jean Nicol says this about her company, “EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, based in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, is dedicated to creating visual support materials to assist with communication, development of social skills and expectations for daily routines. We develop ready made and customized materials for children, youth and adults. We endeavour to purchase publishing supplies from local businesses. When production staff is needed we have been very fortunate in being able to hire unemployed, underemployed people with disabilities and would hope to be able to continue to do so.”

Visit The Eating Game →

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KidCompanions Chewelry

KidCompanions Chewelry is a line of chewable pendantsKidCompanions Chewelry is a line of chewable pendants made by SentioLife Solutions, Ltd. based in Nova Scotia, Canada. This company was started in 2006 by a mother of 3, Pierrette d’Entremont-Crimmins, with a background in human kinetics and jewelry design. In 2013 this same company launched a second chew necklace, tougher-than-silicone called SentioCHEWS.

Safe, washable and colorful shapes are smooth and pleasing with a hard embossed “dot” surrounded by a rubbery heart or circle. KidCompanions Chewelry comes in four heart colors and black or blue circles. The features of these chew necklaces that make them favorites with kids, tweens, and teens and recommended by OT’s and parents are:

♥We comply with The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.KidCompanions Chewelry Circles www.kidcompanions.com

♥Our lanyard lengths follow ASTM safety standards for children’s safety of cords and loops.

♥Our product is CE marked to EU standards, under the Medical Device Directive.

♥Pendants are BPA, latex & metal free.

KidCompanions Chewelry Hearts www.kidcompanions.com♥Shapes are made-in-Canada and sourced in Canada and the US.

♥The breakaway is a safety feature that prevents accidental strangulation.

♥Washable with soap and water or dishwasher safe on the top shelf.

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Ficklets – Eyewear Charms

Do you struggle to get your child to wear their eyeglasses? Kids think eyeglasses are geeky? Ficklets makes them hip and cool! Ficklets are the first patented interchangeable eye-wear charm hugger. The fun designs adorn eyeglasses and sunglasses to match any style. Kids feel comfortable and love wearing eyeglasses with Ficklets. They turn an often intimidating experience into an exciting, trendsetting one! With a large selection to choose from, any child will find an “eye-popping” design they love.ficklets

Have eye-wear doldrums and want to jazz up your ho-hum frames? Prescription eyeglasses are expensive, but you don’t need to purchase a new pair. Ficklets give tired, old eyeglasses a quick, affordable update. They are easy to change and can coordinate with any outfit or holiday season.

Ros Guerrero, a mom of a daughter with special needs, invented interchangeable Ficklets so parents could mix-and match them to outfits, seasons or interests. Ms. Guerrero hopes these first patented, removable charms for eyeglasses help eyeglass wearing kids develop a healthy self-esteem and self-image.

On their web site we learn that adult designs of Ficklets are coming soon and we found this Warning: Choking Hazard. This is not a toy. Not for children under 3 years, recommended for kids 8+ years.

Visit Ficklets →

  • Sweedie Kids Big Kid Bandana Bib

    Sweedie Kids Big Kid Bandana Bib

  • SentioCHEWS Chew Necklaces

    SentioCHEWS Chew Necklaces

  • EZ Sox – Seamless Socks

    EZ Sox – Seamless Socks

  • Undercover Tape – Ditch The Itch

    Undercover Tape – Ditch The Itch

  • QuickSnap – For Shoe Laces

    QuickSnap – For Shoe Laces

  • The Eating Game™

    The Eating Game™

  • KidCompanions Chewelry

    KidCompanions Chewelry

  • Ficklets – Eyewear Charms

    Ficklets – Eyewear Charms

Book Corner

Book Corner features Special Needs Friendly Books.

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Off The Page: Hi-lo Readers e-Books

Three Levels of Hi-lo e-Books for Emergent, Young Adult Readers

Off The Page eBooks are fun educational e-books tailored to hi-lo readers and found at www.offthepage.co.nz  They are available in three levels.  They can be viewed on a PC, Mac, ipad, tablet and iphone.off the page hi-lo readers e-books

The vision of Off The Page is to Open the Mind to the World of Words by reaching out to young adults and providing them with a range of topics which motivate and inspire them to read.  These eBooks for emergent readers use photos and aim to be realistic, motivating and age appropriate.

An important aspect to the vision of the ebooks, is that the students are seen as teenagers and young people first, and their reading ability second – not the other way around.  The topics are therefore chosen with this in mind and will range from personal/special interests, sports, leisure, personal care, employment and social skills; the topics are endless.

Current Categories: Animals, Beach, Beauty, Books with Cartoons, Books with Videos, Cooking, Music, Jobs, Sport, The World around Me.

Each ebook level uses a core base of high frequency words and then a grammatical framework based on the developmental literacy level. Off The Page authors incorporated reading strategies within these eBooks to develop the readers language structure and punctuation skills, which once learnt will help the reader tackle even more complex books.

First publication was March 2015, with new titles and free worksheets being added every quarter.

 Feeding Time At the Pet Shop: Level One Book

  • Reading age: approx 5 year old
  • Suitable for emergent, young adult readers
  • Number of pages range from 9 – 20
  • Number of running words range from 50 – 115 depending on the level

Authors: Anne Russell and Rosemary Emery

Anne is an author of three special education teacher resource books and has been involved with special education in New Zealand for over 17 years. She has taught in public and private educational facilities, worked at the Ministry of Education in Special Education, and now as Special Education Consultant with her own business Offbeat Education.

Rosemary‘s background as a speech-language therapist and special education teacher means she works with children and adults with all kinds of disabilities for over 20 years.  Rosemary loves writing high interest content for emergent readers of all levels and aims to write books which interest all teenagers and young adult low readers in New Zealand and around the world.

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An Unexpected Adventure

(Dusky Hollows: Book 5) by Nan Sweet:

UnexpectedAdventure-CerebralPalsy It’s Everett’s first day at Dusky Hollows Elementary. It’s bad enough being a wheelchair bound sixth-grader with cerebral palsy and navigating through unknown hallways, but now he’ll have to make new friends, too. Carrie and Ivy are best friends and have already had adventures in Dusky Hollows. When Carrie and Ivy give him a magical item, they all hope it will heal him.  It magically changes from a ring to a watch, so he knows the power is real, but he still can’t walk.  After he is kidnapped, Carrie and Ivy rush to save him.  Everett enjoys this new world where he can move freely and doesn’t want to leave. He’s in more danger than he realizes.  The creatures who kidnapped Everett want his magic at any cost.

Benefits to the Special Needs Community:

Probably the most difficult hurdle family members and parents face especially with cerebral palsy is that people looking at the child from the outside don’t realize how smart and capable he or she is.  Cerebral palsy strips nerve centers, leaving a child trapped inside unable to move or easily communicate, even when they have a lot to say.  I am so thankful that we live in a time of computers and technology.  I’ve watched a young family member grow up with a severe form of cerebral palsy and hope that in some way I am writing an escape for kids trapped in their own bodies.

Audience: 8 to 12 yrs  |  Length: 90 Pages  |  Format: Kindle  |  Publication Date: March 19, 2015  |  Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

About Nan Sweet:

I don’t eat dragons, fairies, or toadstools, although I will admit to swallowing the occasional gnat (by accident). In addition, I write.  My current series is Dusky Hollows and is full of magic.

Buy Now Button - Special Needs Friendly Books 

  • Off The Page: Hi-lo Readers e-Books

    Off The Page: Hi-lo Readers e-Books

  • An Unexpected Adventure

    An Unexpected Adventure

About the Project

Written by Pierrette d’Entremont and James Tobias, our goal is to bring you the best Gizmos, Gadgets and Gear for your child and loved ones with special needs.

Over the last few years the impact of technology and development of the internet have had a significant effect on the lives of children and adults with special needs. It has offered them a new way to interact and to communicate with the world around them. Having the internet at their fingertips has also given parents access to new and innovative products that they would previously have been unaware of.

Knowing first hand that the challenges of raising a special needs child often make time a rare commodity, we have set out to research and test products for you. We will be reviewing the latest in products, games and apps to give special needs children a better quality of life, all while having fun.

As a designer of special needs tools Pierrette knows about quality, safety and regulations as well as the need for daily living solutions for our special kids. Jamie is a freelance web designer and a creative director specializing in user interfaces and front end development on websites and apps. By not only bringing in product creators, but also interviewing occasional guests specializing in special needs issues, we hope to help parents make informed decisions about products for the children.

About Special Needs Corner

Special Needs Corner is a unique product review website. The site is written by Pierrette d’Entremont, creator of the KidCompanions and mother of a special needs child, and James (“jamie”) Tobias a Web Designer and Creative director at JT Creative. They test, along with special little helpers, and review gadgets, gizmo’s and sensory tools for special needs kids.

Sentio Life Solutions

At SentioLife, our goal is to help individuals be themselves and thrive. Our products also give parents of special needs children peace of mind while supporting their children. Our main product, KidCompanions Chewelry, is a product that functions as a chewable and wearable sensory tool for people with sensory issues. It is a discrete and age-appropriate alternative to traditional oral motor and manipulative tools.

Your Hosts: Pierrette & Jamie


Mother of a special needs child, business owner and wife, is the creator of KidCompanions Chewelry & SentioCHEWS pendants that are chewable necklace pendants and effective sensory tools. Her involvement in product design and a background in motor development have given her years of experience in adaptive product quality, safety and regulations.

product reviewer email mailto: pierrette@sentiolife.com


Creative director for SentioLife Solutions Ltd, and owner of web development agency James Tobias Creative, Jamie is an accomplished web designer and web developer who researches and tests out the latest devices, software and apps that give special needs children a better quality of life, along with a little fun.

kid-app-reviewer mailto: connect@jamestobias.me

At SentioLifeSolutions, our goal is to help individuals be themselves and thrive. Our products also give parents of special needs children peace of mind while supporting their children. Our main product, KidCompanions Chewelry, is a medical device that functions as a chewable and wearable sensory tool for people with sensory issues. It is a discrete and age-appropriate alternative to traditional oral motor and manipulative tools.

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I would like to leave a comment regarding one of the products, how can i do this?

We belive in the power of social media to promote the products and guests featured on the show. All of the products we feature are posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. If you would like to leave a comment or post your thoughts on the product or review, please post or start a discussion on our Facebook “wall” or twitter feed.

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Do you get paid by companies to review or test their products?

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